Quickly Build Fully Connected Apps

The StackMob platform lets you build applications using data from any cloud or behind the firewall, so you can get to market faster than ever. The platform has the features to build any application, but the platform is not an island; we’ve engineered it to work with countless third party services and data sources.

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Open and Extendable Platform

In today’s rapidly changing environment, businesses need a platform that is ready to change at a moments notice. We’ve designed the platform to let users add their own business logic, create custom features, and integrate with the many services offered in the StackMob Marketplace. Extend the platform to meet your needs.

“StackMob’s Custom Code has been one of the most important features for us in Strangelings. StackMob has a lot of expertise and experience in custom code and that gave us confidence that they could support the custom logic we were building into our app with custom code.”

Hamilton Hitchings, CTO Flying Monkey Interactive

Case Study: Strangelings uses StackMob’s robust Custom Code to build their custom game engine.

Built-In Security

StackMob gives you fine-grained control on who can access your data, allowing you to specify access levels for each action on any schema. Creating complex access control protocols with custom groups is easy. With greater control over data access and StackMob’s SLA with Pro and Enterprise accounts, you get secure access and guaranteed performance.


A Platform that Works with You

StackMob is designed to make developing and managing applications and APIs easier. Development and production environments enable deploying new versions, roll back to previous versions, or concurrently run multiple versions of an API with just a few clicks of the mouse. With a full history of deployments and live APIs, managing your mobile infrastructure is simple.


StackMob’s cloud-based platform gives you an ever-growing set of features to power your mobile platform business. But more importantly, the StackMob architecture can connect to virtually any service and serve any network-connected device. Our extensible API enables you to add any future service through one standard API. The StackMob platform powers your mobile strategies today and well into the future.