Why StackMob?

StackMob is a complete backend service for your mobile apps, providing a robust datastore, data access controls, push notification services, server side custom code, as well as much more through the StackMob Marketplace. Use our iOS, Android, and Javascript SDKs to quickly add a backend to your mobile apps.

Manage your development and production server environments, view analytics, and through our web dashboard.

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It’s easy switching from Parse to StackMob:
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StackMob Features:

Free Powerful API API robust enough to support your complex applications. Learn More

API Versions Support customers running multiple concurrent production versions of your API. Learn More

Custom Code Build powerful customizations and embed business logic. Learn More

Push Notifications Keep customers engaged and interacting within your app. Learn More

Analytics Monitor app performance, usage, speed, and drill down into errors. Learn More

Facebook Integration Seamless integration with Facebook. Learn More

Geoqueries Keep your app relevant to users by providing data from nearby sources. Learn More

Environments Maintain development and production versions of your app. Learn More

Access Control Set access-level controls on your schemas and granular permission levels. Learn More

Support Hands-on approach to helping your company succeed in mobile app development.

Data Store Keep your data in an environment secured for your company. Learn More

Global Deployment Spin up servers in different regions for app optimization.

Collaboration Manage teams and control access to features in the StackMob dashboard. Learn More

Marketplace Add functionality to your app such as email, push, real-time messaging, ads, and social integration in one click. Learn More

No Need to Spin Up Server

Get started in minutes, without worrying about spinning up servers and databases and preserve all the essential backend services you need. With StackMob, you get the benefits of a fully featured backend in a robust, scalable cloud based platform.

Development and Production Environments

Maintain separate development and production environments without having to create separate accounts. You can now have a full-featured dev instance of your app, while maintaining your stable production version. Go ahead — innovate your app as much as you want.

API Versioning

StackMob gives you the ability to run multiple production APIs concurrently. This enables backwards compatibility through multiple concurrent versions of your API running to support past, present and future versions of your app.

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